Friday, November 6, 2009

Cascade Springs!!!

Last Sunday was Stake Conference which means no church, right? Just kiddin. The kids were still coughing a little so we decided to stay home from Stake Conference and by 2pm we needed to get out of the house. Dave and I feel so lucky to have such a beautiful place right up the road from us. We took the kids up to Cascade Springs and played around. I am sure snow is right around the corner and it was nice to enjoy some good weather while we still can. Here's to hoping this weather lasts a bit longer.

Happy Halloween!!!

We had some trunk or treat fun and we were out of the cold in no time. Perfect for little ones. Here are a couple pictures from the night. I am sure you can tell by the picture that Kade was not a happy camper so this is the best we could do of the three of them together.