Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vegas, Baby!!!

So Dave and I decided to take the kids on a little vacation for Spring Break. ( Ok, so I decided and Dave came along with it. ) We decided to go to Las Vegas and I found this really great place called Tahiti Village. It was a really clean place off the strip. It had a bedroom and a little kitchenette, which is perfect for my little family. The pools were nice and shallow for the boys and they had a little baby beach for them to play in. Best of all, it was a good price. So if any of you are going to Vegas soon you should check it out.


wessara said...

Amber! Welcome back!! I love checking in on your little guys!! Since we never see them!! And yes... take more pictures... and blog about them! ;) See you tomorrow!

Lisa said...

Hey Amber. Cody and I actually were in Vegas over the weekend. We won a free stay down there. Can't say we loved it, but it was a getaway without the kids. Hope you guys are doing well!